Carbon Brush for Vacuum Cleaner

Carbon Brush for High Speed Motor

For vacuum cleaners, small-sized and light weight motor with high output carbon brush are most suitable.

Furthermore, higher suction power cleaners are required in the market and the rotating speed of cleaner motors are increasing up to 40,000rpm min.


By using our carbon brushes you will be able to obtain long life and excellent commutation performance for high speed motor.

This is one of the outstanding features of our carbon brush for vacuum cleaners.


Our carbon brushes have acquired favorable reputation from many customers not only in domestic market but also foreign one.


Special coating brush

Motor inner temperature rising problem will be happen when increase input and suction power or motor downsizing.

Also higher efficiency brush is required by ecological reason. We developed special coating brush for this proposes.

We made a film which high electrical conductive metal film on to the brush surface.

As it reduce watt loss and temperature rising with keeping slid ability and commutation capacity that you will be able to get higher motor efficiency.

Our special coating brushes being used in many countries vacuum cleaners.