Carbon Component for Fuel Pump

Carbon Component for Fuel Pump

Commutator and carbon brush are installed in the motor for fuel pump. Originally copper commutator was used, however copper commutator has been rapidly replaced to carbon commutator recently as a corrosion countermeasure for commutator in case of the use of so-called bio-fuel or inferior quality gasoline.

Our carbon disc for flat commutator for fuel pump motor and carbon brush possesses excellent quality which has been produced under strict quality control and has been widely applied with automobile and motorbike in the world market acquiring a most favorable reputation from the customers.

It is imperative to select most suitable carbon material best suited with operation condition(current/rotating speed) and pump specification in order to pull out maximum performance of fuel pump.

We have series of carbon materials which could be widely applied with customer's operational conditions. Please just call us for more details.